Get to know NTEX Latvia

Publicēts 7 februari 2023

High quality, customer-oriented and with a focus on solutions - this is how NTEX has made a name for itself on the Latvian market, where it established itself in 2009. Under the leadership of Ivars Kuklis, 33 employees work, of which 25 are truck drivers. Ivars sees the width of NTEX's offering as one of the Latvian team's main strengths:

“We can offer our customers and partners all kinds of services related to freight transport, which we feel they are satisfied with. Our priority is transport, where one of the destinations is Latvia, but quite often we have to work in other markets as well, so it is important for us to be flexible”, says Ivars, who has worked at NTEX since the establishment in Latvia in 2009.

The possibilities to deliver quickly and with high quality have gradually improved over the years. NTEX in Latvia started on a small scale but now has a solid fleet of vehicles as well as its own warehouse, which makes everyday life easier according to Ivars Kuklis.

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